Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best Songs of 2011: Bonus Finds

Like many music bloggers, I recently posted my top 10 songs of the year.  Being a music fan, of course I had to check out the other lists from around the internet.  After exhaustively going through the lists of my favorite music blogs, I have found 5 more songs which are worth checking out.

1. Stepdad - My Leather My Fur My Nails
Stepdad is an electronic pop band from Michigan who have released an EP and this is the lead single from the album.  I love this kind of music, and what's great is the rest of the album is just as good.  They remind me of a happy version of The Bloodhound Gang.  Here is the video for their song.  Note: it is a very strange video, so you might want to just listen to the song. 

2. Dragonette - Pick Up the Phone
Dragonette is a cool Canadian band with an electronic sound and pop likeability.  They have a nice female lead singer and good songwriting.  I have heard several good songs from them so far and this one is my favorite.  I would definitely keep them on my radar.

3. Clams Casino - I'm God
Clams Casino is a new innovative hip hop producer from New Jersey.  With so many beats sounding the same these days, Clams is really stretching the boundaries by producing atmospheric beats that are at times even better without vocals over them.  Here is one of his instrumental hits called I'm God.

4. Azealia Banks - 212
Azealia Banks is like a cross between Nicki Manaj and Santigold.  In this song she comes through with 4 distinct vocal styles over a pumping house beat produced by Lazy Jay.  The vocals are equally dirty as they are brilliant.  Expect big things from her in the near future. 

5. Danny Banks - Monopoly
Danny Banks has an intense raw rap style which really stands out over the seas of rappers out there these days.  His personal style and outlook on the hip hop scene is different as well.  Monopoly has a bunch of punchlines over an electronic buzzing beat.  Get this one for free off his new album.

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