Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cascade Dishwashing Detergent Review - Powder and Capsules

The first detergent I bought to use with my dishwasher was Cascade Powder with Dawn. It's a common brand and its not too expensive. Overall I was not too happy with its cleaning ability. In the beginning it was ok, but after a few months I noticed the glasses were not getting clean. I tried different amounts and different cycles, but nothing was working. It should also be noted that I always rinse my dishes well before I even put them in the washer so there should be no excuse for them not to be clean.

Because of this issue, I asked advice from one of my co-workers. She recommended the individual packets, Cascade calls them ActionPacs. I went to the store and got the Cascade Complete ActionPacs. They were considerably more expensive than the basic powder, but they were on sale and I got the smallest size just to try them out.

At first I was hesitant because they come in a plastic and you are just suppose to put them in like that and they are suppose to dissolve. I took their words for it and as promised, it did dissolve. It also cleaned the dishes very well! The detergent also had a good smell to it.

After the dishes were cleaned, for the next cycle, I thought I would try out the powder. It seemed to work better this time, but still not as good as the packets. My plan now is to use both kinds of detergent and alternate between them. If you are having trouble getting your dishes clean, I recommend trying out the Cascade ActionPacs.

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