Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Stars - Spandy Andy, Jenny Bede

Spandy Andy is a guy who wears bright spandex and dances to the music of his boombox out in public places.  I found him through a Reddit link of this video where he dances around a beach in a speedo.

It went from a few thousand views to over 3 million views in just a few days.  Now Spandy is not just a dancer, he is a great motivational person.  Check out some of his other videos and vlogs where he talks about his philosophies on life.  He loves to have fun and make people happy by performing for them.  It's nice to see people like this getting some recognition.

Jenny Bede is a writer/comedian/actor from London who has made several parody music videos on her Youtube channel.  They are very good and she wrote and performed them herself.  Her top videos have several hundred thousand views, but with her good looks and talent, it won't be long before her views are in the millions.  Here is one she did where she does impressions of 5 of the top singers in the UK who were nominated for an award.

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