Saturday, March 31, 2012

How To Come Out Ahead When Playing the Lottery

There has been a lot of talk about the Mega Millions lottery with the huge jackpot and media coverage.  It's fun to play every once in  awhile, but chances are you are not going to win.  So how can you play the lottery and come out ahead?  I have come up with a solution.

1. Pick your numbers and write them down.  You can pick as many sets of numbers as you want.  Keep them written down but do not actually buy the tickets.

2. Watch the lottery drawing or check the results after they are drawn.

3. See that your picks did not win.

4. Realize that you just saved that money by not buying the actual tickets.

You can do this each time there is a drawing.  It is still fun to pick the numbers and see if they are winners, but this way, when you don't win, you are actually happy because you didn't waste your money on tickets.

You might say, well what happens if your numbers actually do win and you didn't buy a ticket?  That would be extremely rare and unfortunate.

Overall remember to play responsibly.  They say with more money comes more problems.  The best way to get money is to actually earn it by working hard.

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