Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The River Finale Review

ABC's The River season finale aired last night and overall it was very disappointing. I had been sticking with this show in hopes that it would have a good ending that would reveal all the mysteries. Unfortunately it didn't. I had an anticlimactic ending where it seems like they were trying to leave a cliffhanger in hopes for a 2nd season. The problem is, the first season was not good and there shouldn't be a second season.

In the second to last episode, they found Emit which was pretty much the goal for the season. So in this last episode, it should have been an explanation of all the supernatural stuff that has been happening. Instead, Lincoln is shot and killed, then brought back to life with the bad spirits, and at the end they find out they can't leave the river.

I know those are spoilers, but I'm not spoiling the show for anyone, I'm saving them from wasting their time on it. The River may be the worst show I have watched an entire season of. The writing, acting, and editing was all sub-par to what would be expected for a show like this on a major network.

There was a lot of potential at the beginning with the story and location, but all of this was dissolved as the season went along and nothing was redeemed at the end.

Did you watch The River? What did you think of the ending and the series as a whole?

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  1. I stuck with it through the 8-hour series. After watching the final episode, I wish I had hose 8 hours back. It was a total letdown and did nothing to encourage me to watch another season. If it does manage to come back, it will be blacklisted from my program viewing.