Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chipotle Sofritas Review

I heard Chipotle had a new tofu option on their menu called "Sofritas" so I had to check it out.  I usually go with either a burrito or a bowl with rice, bean, veggies, salsa, cheese and sour cream.  This time I asked for the Sofritas.  When the server behind the counter was about to add it, I almost told her not too because I thought she was adding one of the meat options.  It really looks like a ground chicken or beef.  She explained that it was in fact the tofu Sofritas.

Upon trying it, I found the texture to be more firm than I expected.  Also, as mentioned above, I was expecting more like chunks of tofu rather than ground up tiny pieces.  The taste was also a lot more spicy than I expected.  Other reviewers who have tried it said it was over seasoned or too salty.  I would agree with this.  Half way through the Sofritas flavor became too much to I decided to just eat around it.

Overall it s nice that they are adding new options to the menu, especially a tofu option, I just wish it was more like grilled tofu pieces.  I didn't care for the texture or the taste of the Sofritas so I probably would not order them again, but stick to my usual ingredients. 

If you are looking for a tofu option in a burrito like Chipotle, check out Moe's Southwest Grill.  I have written a review of Moe's in a previous blog here.

Have you tried the new Sofritas at Chipotle?  What did you think?

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