Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Fix a Leaking Shampoo Bottle or Container

After a recent visit to the store, I managed to drop one of my grocery bags which had a bottle of shampoo.  No big deal, but later that day I discovered there was a small crack in the bottom of it and it was leaking shampoo out of it.  This was a brand new bottle so I needed to find a way to save it. I didn't have any other good containers to transfer it to, so I had to figure out how to repair the bottle.

First I tried tape.  I cleaned up the bottle and dried it and then applied several layers of tape.  It held it for the time being, but as soon as it got wet the next day, the tape came off and it started leaking again.

Next I tried glue.  Again I cleaned it up and applied a few layers of glue over the crack.  This worked well again until it got wet.  The water dissolved the glue and it began leaking again.  I needed something that could hold up against the water and that got me thinking.

I knew that the silicone caulk used around the edges of the tub was water resistant and I had some extra caulk available to use.  So once again, I cleaned up the bottle and applied the caulk.  I let it dry overnight.  Next day I tried it out.  It got wet but it held the seal.  It has been good for several days now so I think the problem has been solved.  If you have a container or bottle that is leaking try applying some silicone caulk to the crack or hole to seal it up.

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