Monday, January 20, 2014

The Following Season 2 Premiere Recap Review

The highly anticipated return of The Following premiered last night at an unusual time.  It aired after the football playoff game which happened to be at 9:10pm.  I guess they were trying to bring in the viewers of the game, but it seems like it would have been better to start it at a normal time such as 7:00pm or 8:00pm.  I loved the last season so of course I was not going to miss it. 

(Episode 1 spoilers ahead).  The show started off by recapping what happened last season.  Joe Carrol is declared dead and Ryan and Claire have just been stabbed and left for dead in Ryan's apartment.  They manage to get to the hospital but we find out that Claire does not make it.

Flash forward to current time a year later.  It is the anniversary of the whole Joe Carrol situation.  Ryan is trying to put it behind him or at least it appears that way.  All of a sudden people who are clearly followers of Joe go on a public killing spree on the subway.  This makes the news and gets Ryan's attention.  The police go to Ryan for help but he says he cannot help and he is not interested. 

We later find out that Ryan is in fact very interested and is conducting his own investigation.  He tracks down one of the guys involved and figures out that Joe survived and is in hiding.  We also see some old familiar faces such as Emma who now has a punk rocker look. 

A couple of new bad guys are introduced, a pair of twins who have already proven to be terrifyingly creepy.  They murder another innocent victim and leave her out in the park for the police to find.  Again the police ask Ryan to help but he refuses.  For some reason he wants to work alone this time.  He knows Joe is still out there and he is going to find him. 

Overall the episode was pretty good.  I was sad to see we lost Claire, but it will serve as good motivation for Ryan this season.  With Joe back as well as more followers to join him, this season will pick up right where the last one left off in terms of suspense and creepiness.  What did you think of the season premiere?  Leave your comments below. 

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