Monday, March 10, 2014

Fox Cosmos Review

There sure was a lot of promotion leading up to the premier of the new show Cosmos on Fox. Space is an interesting subject so I figured I would check it out. I didn't know exactly what the show would be like but it turns out it is just like any other space documentary style program you have seen on PBS.

Now there is nothing wrong with this show and there is nothing wrong with Fox, but when you combine the two, it just doesn't work. This is a show that clearly belongs with other similar educational style shows on a network like PBS. It does not work on a major channel during primetime hours when viewers are expecting to see popular comedies and dramas.

Another reason it is out of place on Fox is because of the commercials. When you have commercials, you have to have a little teaser or preview in the show before each commercial break to keep the viewer interested. Cosmos had no such teasers. At every commercial break, I was like "What? This is where you put a commercial?" There was nothing to make you want to stay with the program through the commercial break. A show like this is much better on public broadcast stations like PBS because they do not have the commercial breaks.

Overall the program Cosmos itself was ok. As I mentioned earlier, space is an interesting subject and it boggles the mind to see how big the universe really is. Will I tune into this show week after week? Probably not. Primetime major network time slots are valuable and you really need to have a good show filling these slots. Cosmos is not a bad show, it just does not really fit in a time slot like this or a network like Fox.

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