Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Protect a Hat From Sweat, Oil, and Makeup

Hats are great but one of the biggest issues with them is keeping them clean. Most articles of clothing you wear against your skin are washed after one use, for example, socks, underwear or undershirts. Hats would fall into this category but a hat is not really something you want to wash after wearing it just one time. So how can you extend the life of the hat without having to wash it as much?

I figured a lining would be best, a material you can put on the inside to protect the hat from any sweat or oil from the scalp. They do make hat liners you can buy, but I thought I would try making my own. In this article I will explain how to make your own hat liner.

First, take an old t-shirt you don't need any more. Cut out a rectangular piece of cloth about 2 X 8 inches. Then take this strip of cloth and put it inside the front brim of the hat and fold it over the inside flap that is in most hats. Adjust or cut the strip of cloth to fit the hat you will be wearing. That's about it! You now have a lining to protect your hat from sweat, oil, or makeup.

I recommend using a cloth that matches the color of the hat to make it blend in as well as possible. The liner will protect the front part of the hat that is most likely to absorb oil and sweat from the forehead. Adding a strip like this does take up a little extra room so it is best for hats that are not too tight already.

For washing, you can easily take out the cloth strip and throw it in with the regular laundry. Over time you may want to wash your hat as it will get dirty from normal wear. For most modern hats of cotton or polyester material, they can be washed in a washing machine, but should be allowed to air dry and should not go in a dryer.

I hope this article and method for keeping your hat clean was helpful! Feel free to leave any comments or hat cleaning tips in the reply section below!

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