Sunday, December 7, 2014

Best TV Shows of 2014

Here is the annual 10 best TV shows of the year featuring the best major network shows as chosen by Connected Isolation.  This year there were many returning favorites, a few new shows, and for the first time, a morning show is featured in the mix along with all the other prime time shows.  Here are the best shows of 2014:

1. I Wanna Marry Harry
You might think it is a joke that his show is number 1 this year, but it is in fact the best show this year.  Many critics did not like this show and many probably wrote it off as a bad show based on the title or premise alone.  This show did not even get to air the whole season on Fox as it was canceled in the middle and the rest of the episodes were shown online, but this really was a good show this year.  The casting was excellent and overall it was edited and constructed into an ideal reality show with lots of drama, emotion, and a great ending!

2. The Quest
Another new show debuted this year and comes in at number 2.  The Quest was a fantasy/reality competition show putting contestants into a magical medieval setting and having them compete in various tasks and tests of skill in order to be come the one true hero to save the day.  This show was great because it was different by combining two different genres into one.  The casting was good both in terms of staff as well as the contestants. The setting was realistic and the storyline was a lot of fun to follow.  Hope this one comes back for a new season!

3 Live With Kelly and Michael
For the first time a daytime show has been featured here on the best shows of the year.  While "Live" has been around for quite some time, and even Kelly and Michael have been hosting for a while, this show is just wonderful and a great way to start off your morning.  Kelly an Michael are both a pleasure to watch and it is nice to see the contests and different guests they have on the show each day.

4. Master Chef / Master Chef Jr
A couple of returning shows to the 10 best list again this year are Gordon Ramsey's Master Chef and Jr edition.  With many cooking shows out there, this one stands out as having great judges, a good format, exciting competitions, and eclectic home cook contestants.  The main show is great to see the high level of cooking and drama while the Junior version is just as entertaining with the kids as they are so animated and you never know what they are going to say.

5. Big Brother
It's no surprise Big Brother is on the list again this year.  One of the long running reality competition shows out there, this one is always a summer staple.  They tried to mix it up with some new twists this year. Some worked better than others.  It was not a perfect season, but still good enough to make it one of the best this year.

6. American Ninja Warrior
It was the year of the woman on ANW this year as more women than ever qualified and got further than ever before on previous seasons.  There were also a lot of new contestants that did very well and a lot of surprises with proven veterans getting knocked out of the competition early.  Also this year following the main competition was American Ninja Warrior USA vs the World featuring some of the best ninjas from other countries.  It featured some of the best runs ever seen and a must watch for any fan of the show.

7. NY Med
NY Med is part of a documentary style series that follows doctors, nurses, and their patients in one of the biggest hospitals in New York.  It shows the in's and out's of what it is like to work in an emergency room which you can imagine can be very eventful.  You also get to see the personal side of the doctors and nurses as well as the individuals they treat each week.

8. Shark Tank
Another show that seems to make the list each year is Shark Tank.  It is kind of a unique show that has new business owners and entrepreneurs pitching their company or product to a panel of investors hoping to get a deal with them to help their company grow to the next level.  It is interesting to see the new companies and the interactions between the business owners and the sharks as they go back and forth to try to agree on a deal.

9. Hollywood Game Night
A new variety style show makes its first appearance on the list this year. Hollywood Game Night is a game show hosted by Jane Lynch featuring different celebrities each week.  The celebrities each are teamed up with a regular contestant and they try to get points by doing well in a bunch of different games.  At the end, the contestant has a chance to win money and the celebrity can earn money for their charity. Overall it is very lively and entertaining!

10. Undercover Boss
Wrapping up this year's best shows is another returning show, Undercover Boss. Like previous seasons it takes the CEO of a company, puts them in disguise and sends them in to work along side several different employees in different positions throughout the company.  Sometimes the boss finds an outstanding employee while other times they find someone who is not doing a great job and may even get fired.  At the end, they reward the good employees with benefits and promotions which is always nice to see.

Hope you enjoyed the 10 best shows of the year list.  If you like these shows, be sure to check out last year's Best TV Shows of 2013 and the Best Shows of 2015

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