Monday, August 24, 2015

TV Severe Weather Warnings Rant

Have you ever been in the middle of watching one of your favorite shows on tv when suddenly it cuts away to the news to report about severe weather in your area? This happens from time to time especially if you are watching a show on one of the major networks that has the news such as CBS, NBC or ABC.

They cut to the meteorologist of the station and they talk about the severe weather that is happening in the area. I understand they want to warn everyone in the area to take cover so everyone can be safe, but the issue is when they interrupt the show you wanted to watch and then talk about the weather for a half an hour. This is unnecessary especially when they have the option to run a ticker warning at the bottom of the screen with the same information. The ticker scroll warning is ok because at least you still get to watch your show.

If there is something very important happening like a national crisis, then it would be ok to cut away from the normal programming, but if it is a weather warning, there really is no need to cut away from the normal programming to talk about it for an extended period of time. People are tuned in to watch their show at that time, not to watch a weather report.

These cutaways often happen in prime time during popular shows and then it is very difficult to watch the part you missed. If you are lucky, you might be able to find the show the next day on the internet, but often this is difficult as well and often requires a subscription or a fee depending on the network.

Overall, they need to do away with the weather report interruptions and stick to the ticker warnings at the bottom of the screen. The same information will get across and the viewers will get to watch the show they tuned in to see in the first place.

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