Friday, November 27, 2015

Best Youtube Channels Under 1 Million Subscribers 2015

This year for the best Youtube channels of the year, we are featuring channels which have under 1 million subscribers. There are a few reasons for this. One, it can be repetitive to have the same popular channels featured each year. Two, if a channel has more than 1 million subscribers already, chances are you have already heard about it, and three, this gives a chance for some of the best lesser known channels to get a little exposure so people can find out about them. Here are our top picks for the best Youtube channels under 1,000,000 subscribers for 2015:

1. Kyde and Eric (Travel / Vlog)
Kyde and Eric are an American couple living in Japan and this is their channel where they vlog about all the interesting things they find living in a new place. They travel to different locations and try new foods and attend fun events. They both have great personalities which make the videos very enjoyable and puts them at the number 1 recommended Youtube channel this year! In this video, they attend a baseball game in Tokyo.

2. Melissa Villasenor (Funny / Sketches)
Melissa Villasenor is a comedian and impressionist who makes a variety of videos from characters, to original sketches, to stand up comedy. Here is one in collaboration with the Mas Mejor channel where she does her J Lo impression.

3. Blake Grigsby - (Funny / Hidden Camera)
Blake Grigsby makes good spirited hidden camera style videos that make people smile. In this video, he sets up a mysterious door with a surprise behind it in a public venue to see what would happen.

4. Joe Goes (Interviews / Travel / Funny)
Joe from the Joe Goes channel is a funny guy who goes around to different conventions, events, and countries to interview people. His interviews always have humorous or awkward questions which make for great videos. In this one he goes to Blizzcon video game convention to interview the guests and fans.

5. Robbie Sherrard (Off Beat / Comedy)
Robbie Sherrard makes comedic style videos where he talks about his life and things that happen to him or whatever is on his mind that he wants to share with the viewers. In this video he discusses the difference between the words men and women use.

6. Brad Hall ( Parody / Shoe Reviews)
Brad Hall has taken is love for shoes and made a channel where he reviews new sneakers in a parody style. In this video he reviews a new pair of shoes while wearing a "cool pair of shades and a sweet leather jacket" and of course his signature khakis.

7. Jono and Ben (Funny / Variety) 
Jono and Ben have a comedy show from New Zealand where they perform pranks, sketches, interviews and more. This channel features videos from their show. In this clip, they play a joke on their boss making him think his office has to be fumigated for pests.

8. Flula (Funny / Variety / Music)
Flula is a creative and funny guy from Germany who makes all kinds of funny videos from commentary on language, to popular song covers, and even an original talk show like this clip here. 

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