Monday, December 7, 2015

Best TV Shows of 2015

It's time once again to wrap up this year's best tv shows of year. This year we are focusing on prime time tv shows, most of which are available on the major network channels. It also focuses on reality/documentary style vs written or drama based programming. 2015 had many great new shows as well as returning favorites. Here is a recap of the best shows of 2015:

1. Nathan For You
The best show of the year is one that is in its 3rd season now on Comedy Central. Each week Nathan Fielder goes around to struggling businesses and presents them with creative ways to improve their business. His ideas are usually out of the box and very outlandish but usually prove to be somewhat effective despite how impractical they may seem. In this clip, he helps a local tv store compete with the big box retailers.

2. Home Free
Home Free is a new competition show that debuted this year where each week, couples work together to restore homes for deserving families. At the end of each show, one is eliminated and the winning couple gets to win their dream house. The one big supersize they don't realize is that each week, the eliminated couple actually gets to win the house they have been working on. It makes for a very happy and emotional ending for every episode.

3. I'll Have What Phil's Having
In this new food/travel/documentary style show on PBS, Phil Rosenthal, best known for being the creator of the show Everybody Loves Raymond, goes around to different countries and tries out the best foods they have to offer. It is a fun way to get to see the different countries and learn about the most delicious foods out there.

4. The Island
Another great new show this year was the survivalist style show The Island on NBC. It takes a group of strangers and puts them on an island with minimal supplies. They must then work together to try to find food and water, make a shelter, and survive against the elements or any other obstacles they may encounter in their time on the Island. 

5. American Ninja Warrior
A returning best show this year is American Ninja Warrior, the skills competition show which competitors compete against each other with the goal of conquering several challenging courses. They come from all walks of life with the goal of making it to the end the fastest. This year was the best so far and had competitors going further than any season before!

6. Masterchef / Masterchef Jr
Another returning favorite this year is the combination of cooking competition shows of Masterchef and the kid's version Masterchef Jr. Hosted by Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and new judge Christina Tosi, these shows feature exciting cooking challenges each week as the best home cooks strive to make their best dishes in the hopes of making it to the end and becoming the next Masterchef!

7. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
A new comedy/musical style show staring Rachel Bloom comes in at number 7. It is a fun show about a girl who moves across the country to try to reconnect with an old boyfriend. Each week they have musical numbers integrated into the show which are very catchy and take it to the next level. It has a great cast and was just picked up for a full season!

8. Shark Tank
The venture capitalist show Shark Tank is back again in the top ten shows this year. This winning formula of raising money for new up and coming businesses is always entertaining. It has the drama of the negotiation between the business owners and the sharks as well as the element of learning about new products and companies looking to make it big.

9. The Briefcase
In this new reality show, families in need are presented with a briefcase with $101,000 and given the week long decision on whether they should keep the money or donate it to others who may be in just as much need or more. They learn about the other families and have to decide how much to keep and how much to give away. The twist is that the other family is in the exact same situation deciding what to do with their $101,000. It makes for a very interesting conclusion at the end of each show when they meet face to face.

10. The Bachelor
This series has been around for a while and may fall into the guilty pleasure category, but this year, The Bachelor was surprisingly good! It featured bachelor Chris Soules on a quest each week to narrow down the selection of Bachelorettes until there is only 1 left. There was plenty of drama and great casting which puts this season in the top ten shows this year.

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