Friday, January 1, 2016

Best Songs of 2015

Like last year, in 2015 I did not follow music closely as I have in the past, but I still managed to find some good songs throughout the year. This list excludes super popular songs that everyone already knows already. Here are Connected Isolation's picks for best songs of 2015:

1. Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Type

Carly Rae Jepsen had a great year with several hit songs including the popular "I Really Like You" and "Run Away With Me" but my favorite of all of them and pick for best song of the year is "Your Type". Carly Rae has a wonderful voice for pop music and in this one, the emotion really comes through.

2. Bloodhound Gang - American Bitches

BHG has been out of the spotlight for years, but they came back this year with a new album dropping late in 2015. The lead single from the album American Bitches takes on a little bit of a touchy subject but infuses creative and amusing lyrics as we have come to expect from the Bloodhound Gang. While many of their new songs are more electronic based, this one goes back to the roots with pop rock.

3. Lifehouse - Flight

Another band that has created great songs over the years is back with an epic new song Flight. It starts out slowly with an emotional feel and builds up to a power ending.

4. Ronald Jenkees - Try the Bass

Ronald Jenkees is an interesting music producer who may not have a huge following compared to some of the other artists out there, but he is extremely talented when it comes to making music. Here is a funky new song this year where he performs live on his Youtube channel.

5. The Mowgli's - I'm Good

In the mood for a straight forward catch pop song? The Mowgli's have you covered with their song "I'm Good". It has a summer time vibe and is easy to get into right from the first listen.

6. Meghan Tonjes - Oh Father

Up and coming singer songwriter Meghan Tonjes makes the list this year with an original song that is beautiful and heart felt. This is a live version that was first performed on her Youtube channel. Hopefully it will have a studio version soon!

7. Rachel Bloom - I Give Good Parent

Rachel Bloom burst on the scene this year with a new music comedy show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Each episode contains original songs and here is rap style song she did for the first season. If you like this be sure to check out her Youtube Channel and the CW Channel for more good songs.

If you enjoyed these songs, be sure to check out the Best Songs of 2014.

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