Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pityriasis Rosea Stages and Progress

A couple months back I started getting an itch on my lower back near the waist. It did not look irritated or anything but continued for a few days. Next, I began to notice small red marks beginning to develop on my upper body. It had some resemblance to acne, but I could tell it was something different. It started with a few marks but each day it was getting worse.

The red marks began to appear on the chest, stomach, back, arms, shoulders, and neck. I started doing research to figure out what it could be. Based on the symptoms, I was pretty sure it was a condition called Pityriasis Rosea. Not much is known about what causes it and there is not really a cure either, but it generally runs its course and heals within a couple months.

A couple weeks in, the marks kept getting worse so I decided to make a doctors appointment. The doctor was not really sure about it and just gave a general diagnosis of Psoriasis. From my research and symptoms, I could tell my own diagnosis was more accurate. He prescribed some cream and told me to see a dermatologist if it gets worse. The cream was pretty expensive and considering it was hastily prescribed, I decided not to get it and would continue to monitor the progress.

Here is a week by week recap of the stages and progress my condition. Hopefully it will help give an idea of what to expect if you have similar symptoms:

Week 1:
Started with and itchy section on lower back near waist band. Not much visible difference in skin appearance compared to normal.

Week 2:
Red spots starting to appear around torso, shoulders, arms, and neck. They are about 1 cm but can get bigger. The red spots do not hurt and do not really itch, but start to become scaly and peel. Original spot now is noticeably red and still itchy.

Week 3:
More spots appearing. This was about the peak of the condition where I had the most spots covering the upper body. The spots did not go to the legs, face, hands or feet in my case.

Week 4:
Dry skin from the marks begins to peel off. Skin starting to heel. The earliest spots are beginning to fade while the newer spots are still clearly visible. Arms start to become itchy. Some spots on the arms are spreading in size to about 1 inch in diameter.

Week 5:
Torso continues to clear up. Red marks on arms and original spot at waist are still itchy.

Week 6:
A little more peeling. Torso is now mostly clear and healed. Spots on arms are now more itchy.

Week 7:
Arms are getting a little better and less itchy. Still occasional itch from original spot at waist.

Week 8: 
Less itchiness and spots are continuing to heel and improve. Looks like it is coming to the end.

Week 9: About 95% back to normal. Skin is mostly clear and itching has gone away for the most part.

For more testimonials on this condition, check out this site here which has many comments from people who have the condition and the treatments they have tried. 

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