Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jimmy Johns $1 Sub Customer Appreciation Day

Today, April 21st, Jimmy Johns Sandwiches is celebrating Customer Appreciation Day by offering subs for just $1. There are some restrictions for example, it is only during lunch hours of 11-3pm and they must be ordered in store, so no delivery. Also it is one per customer but you can get back in line to order more subs.

They are offering subs 1-6, the slim subs, and the BLT for $1. I don't go to Jimmy Johns often, but I figured I would head over to the nearest location to check it out. I was planning on picking up a sub but as soon as I pulled in, I saw the line out the door all the way around the building!

$1 sub is a good deal, but I was not going to wait in line for a half hour just to get a deal on a sub so I decided to pass on it. But if there is a Jimmy Johns near you and you don't mind waiting in line, I recommend taking advantage of this great deal!

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