Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why do so many people have the same names?

Names are pretty important considering it is something that identifies us as an individual for our entire lives. Most people are given a name by their parents and will go by this name or a nickname unless they decide to have it legally changed later on in life.

With all the possibilities of unique names out there, many people still end up with common names and often the exact same name as other people. So how does this happen?

There are many lists out there with the most popular baby names for each year. It is possible people search for the popular names and then pick a name out of the most popular names. Also it may be out of tradition such as naming a child after a relative, historical figure, or celebrity.

Personally, I think people should try to give their children more unique name instead of the most common names that have already been done. It can be odd to come across someone with the same name as you. It is a coincidence, but strange because we associate our name with who we are and so it is odd when you find someone else who is going by the same name.

A unique name helps you stand out from the crowd. In a list of names, the common names get overlooked but when there is an interesting name you have never seen before, it stands out and gets more attention. This can have an effect on many things from job applications to general introductions and meeting people.

With the internet these days and the ability to search by name, a common name is almost impossible to narrow down in a search unless it is someone famous. A unique name can be found much more easily with a search. This could be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it, but I think having the unique name has the advantage.

In my case, I have a first and last name that falls somewhere in the middle, not too common, but common enough that there are others with the same name. Given the choice of one way or the other, I would prefer a more unique name that no one else has.

Do you have a common name or a unique name? What are your thoughts when it comes to picking out a name for a child?

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