Sunday, August 14, 2016

US Womens National Team Rio Olympics Wrap Up

I have been following the US Women's National Soccer team since the World Cup last year and since then, they quickly became my favorite sports team. They are a great team with lots of wonderful personalities and are just a lot of fun to watch.

While the roster has changed a bit from last year's World Cup team, they still have a lot of the same players and staff. The team was favored to win gold again this year but they struggled throughout the tournament. It seems the chemistry was not quite there this time as they had trouble converting on opportunities.

They ended up making it to the quarter finals of the 2016 Rio Olympics but lost a close game against Sweden in a penalty kick shootout. Throughout the game, the US seemed to be dominating at least on possession, but Sweden proved to be more efficient with the few opportunities they had. 

I don't blame anyone for the loss as it was a fair game and Sweden earned the victory. It is very disappointing for the US team, but it is a lesson that they are not unbeatable. I am still very proud of the US Women's National Team and will continue to follow their progress as they train for the next big tournament!

For more on the USWNT check out their Youtube and Twitter accounts here.

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