Sunday, December 11, 2016

Best TV Shows of 2016

As has become tradition, again we recap the best TV shows of the year! This year we focus mostly on prime time network shows with a couple exceptions from daytime and cable. Some shows have returned while others are new or make the top list for the first time this year. Here are Connected Isolation's picks for best TV shows of 2016:

1. Second Chance
Second Chance may not be the most well known show of 2016 but it is one of the best shows that slipped under the radar and earns its spot as the best show of 2016! It is a futuristic sci-fi action drama which features a police sheriff who was killed but brought back to life in a younger version through technology developed by a gifted twin. The show was great and could easily have another season but it looks like they have decided to wrap it up with just 1 season.

2. Bachelor In Paradise
This is one of those guilty pleasure shows. As a spin off of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise is pretty much an all star cast where they throw a bunch of the favorite contestants from past seasons onto a beach resort and watch the drama unfold. Plenty of great characters and drama made this season good enough to take the 2nd spot in the list this year.

3. Running Wild with Bear Grylls 
Survivalist Bear Grylls is back at it again taking a new celebrity each week on an adventure they will never forget. In this series, Bear and a celebrity hike, climb, and descend through dangerous terrain while trying to find things to eat in the wilderness and try to find a safe place to sleep at night. It is exciting to watch and the situation lets you see the celebrities in a different light than we are used to seeing them.

4. Broad City
I got hooked on this comedy by watching clips and full episodes online. It features 2 young ladies in New York and follows the situations and mishaps they manage to get themselves into. It is a dark comedy with inappropriate style humor but the 2 main characters are great and the episodes are laugh out loud funny.

5. American Ninja Warrior
ANW was back for another new season this year. Not much surprises here but the show is entertaining as always as it features some of the best athletes competing on challenging obstacle courses as they try to make it to the end to be crowned American Ninja Warrior!

6. Live With Kelly
One day time show, Live With Kelly makes it onto our best list this year. The long running morning talk show saw the departure of co-host Michael Strahan while Kelly Ripa continued on as the main host with a guest co-host each day. Kelly is fantastic and is a pleasure to watch each morning as she and her co-host discuss whatever is going on and talk with celebrity guests each week.

7. Shark Tank 
Pretty much everyone is familiar with Shark Tank by now. This long running show features entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to investors with the hope of striking a partnership to benefit both parties. It is fun to see the new ideas each week and watch the sharks fight over who will get the deal.

8. Globe Trekker
If you are a fan of travel shows, Globe Trekkers is one of the best to check out. They have regular guides who go to a different country each week and take us on a virtual tour of the cities and cultures around the world.

9. Maya & Marty
Wrapping up the 10 best shows of 2016 is a new variety sketch show from Maya Rudolph and Martin Short. It is very similar to Saturday Night live and even has some of the same cast members but tends to have a bit more singing and dancing. If you like SNL, definitely check out this new show by Maya and Martin!

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