Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shampoo, Body Wash, Face Wash, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen Review

Shopping for new health and beauty products such as shampoo, body wash, and face wash can be overwhelming if you are trying to find as new brand or product to try. In stores, there are aisles upon aisles of choices and online there are even more!

When trying to read reviews online, there are always contradicting reviews and even when you find a product with mostly good reviews, it is hard to know if they are real reviews or paid reviews from the company. Because of this, I figured I would round up a bunch of these items I currently use or have tried recently and help give some recommendations.

Suave Professionals 2 in 1 Plus - I have been using this shampoo for many years and it is still one of my favorites. It is widely available, reasonably priced, has a good scent that is clean but not over powering. It works well as a shampoo and even a body wash. I consider this my go-to wash of choice.
Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean 2 in 1 -  This is one of my new favorites in the shampoo and conditioner category. It is more expensive compared to Suave, but the scent is great and it has a silky texture with just the right amount of lather. It is also available with the pump style top which is very convenient. It works well as a shampoo as well as a body wash.
Body Wash: 
Nivea Care and Illuminate  - I tried this one because it was 50% off probably because they were in the process of changing the name from Touch of Sparkle. Overall it has a nice scent and that can be a little stronger compared to other similar products. It is very smooth and moisturizes the skin well. I would get it again if it was on sale but at full price it is a little expensive for this quantity. 
Dial Triple Moisture - This is one of the newest body washes I have tried. I also found this one on sale which was an incentive to try it out. The scent is mild but pleasant. The consistency is smooth with a little elasticity and it has a good amount of lather. I noticed the bottle design is a little misleading in that it makes it appear to contain more than it actually has. Overall it was ok but I would not rush back to buy it again. 
Face Wash:
Up & Up Oil Free Acne Wash (Target Brand) - This is Targets version of the Neutrogena face wash. I find it works about the same as the name brand and is a little more affordable. It does a nice job at cleaning the skin especially if you have oily skin. It can be a little over drying so you may need to use it in combination with a moisturizer afterward.
Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser - I tried this as an alternative to the Up & Up brand to see how it would compare. The scent is kind of strong and it is incredibly drying. At first it feels smooth on the skin but once you start washing it off, you get that really grippy dry feeling. I find it is ok to use once in a while, but I would prefer the Up & Up style given the choice.
Up & Up Dual Effects MoisturizerTo combat the over dryness of the face washes, I first tried this moisturizer. It is ok but the thing is it contains salicylic acid which is supposed to help with acne, but it also dries the skin and makes it peel. So it kind of counteracts itself. I found it moisturizes at first but then it seems to make the skin peel more later so I stopped using this one for now.
CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion - I decided to try out this moisturizer by CeraVe which does not have the salicylic acid. So far it has been doing a pretty good job at re-moisturizing the skin after a wash. It is available in a small 3oz bottle and it is not too expensive. So far, it is still early to tell on the long term results but so far it has been working ok. 
No-Ad Sport 50 - Rounding out the list is a sunscreen lotion by No-Ad. I have been using it since last summer whenever I am going to be out in the sun a lot and so far it has had good results. It goes on the skin nicely and does not feel too oily. I have not had any issues with burning while using this lotion. Overall it was a good value for the price especially if you can find it on sale during the off seasons! 

Hope this helps when doing research on which health and beauty products to try out. If you have tried any of these or have another to recommend, feel free to share it in the comments. 

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