Thursday, May 25, 2017

Restaurants unwrapping and leaving paper on the end of a straw?

Have you noticed when you order a drink, some restaurants will present you with the drink that has a straw partially unwrapped with the paper still on the top of it? Some may think this is a way to show that the top of the straw has not been touched in an effort to be more sanitary, but what about the rest of the straw?

I would guess if someone is partially unwrapping straws, there is a good chance they are handling the open part of the straw which kind of defeats the purpose of leaving the paper on the top of it. Maybe if they are very careful, they are able to unwrap it while only holding the covered part, but personally I would rather have the straw intact with the full wrapper to be safe.

The partial unwrapping seems like an unnecessary effort that really does not have any benefit. For the most sanitary option, the full straw should be left covered, not just the top portion.

What are your thoughts on this practice of restaurants leaving the paper on the end of a straw?

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