Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update – Review and Thoughts so Far

A few days ago, my computer did a big update known as the Windows 10 Creators Update. It was really pushy, in fact, it woke my computer up from sleep mode just to remind me to install the update. I tried to postpone it but it started popping up a reminder like every 10 minutes even after I disabled the reminder.

So finally I did the restart to enable the update. It took a pretty long time and after the update, the computer seemed to be running a little slow. This update made a lot of changes to the computer. Things like task bar icons are changed, settings are changed, new programs are added, and even basic functionality such as scroll bars are changed.

Usually I don't like when these kinds of changes are forced especially when we did not ask for them. It just makes more work because we have to learn the new features and fix everything that it changed without our permission.

For example, I have keyboard shortcuts set up to control things like the volume on the computer. This update made them not work so I had to reprogram the shortcuts again.

Default programs were changed also. For example it switched my music player from Windows Media Player to Groove Music which I don't like as much.

When going through settings in the main windows, you will notice the scroll bar on the side now has an auto-hide feature so you have to hover over it with the mouse to get it to show up fully which I do not really like. So far I have not found a way to change this back.

It changed the listed install date for a lot of my programs. For some reason now many programs that were installed months ago are now listed as being installed on the same day as the Creators Update happened.

In the display settings there is a new feature for night light which dims and changes the color of the screen for lower lights settings. I do not plan on using this feature. I did noticed however that because of this, now you have to scroll down in the display settings if you want to switch between single monitor and dual monitor. I have to do this often for work so it is more of an inconvenience to have to scroll down every time now.

One improvement I found was the addition of Paint 3D which seems to be an updated version of the old MS Pain program. I played around with it a bit and it seems fairly easy to use and has some nice features to create 3D objects.

After tweaking the settings and using the computer for a few days, the speed seems to be about the same as before. There are more new programs and changes that I have not gotten into yet, so in case there are any big developments, I will update the review here.

Have you done the Windows 10 Creators Update? What do you think about it so far?

Update: Just as I was in the middle of writing this article, it has given me a pop up to set up Microsoft OneDrive which I do not want to do and already told it to go away before. Looks like more annoyances that will have to be fixed.

Update: Since the update, I noticed now that sometimes when my computer is in sleep mode, it will boot up and then shut down all the way by itself. I checked the power settings and nothing is changed, so it should not be shutting down the computer like this. 

Update: I seem to have fixed the issue where it was booting up from sleep and shutting down by itself. Here is an overview of how this was fixed. 

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