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Computer Shutting Down From Sleep Mode – How To Fix Computer Waking Up By Itself

Recently I installed the Creators Update for Windows 10 and after the installation I noticed the computer would randomly boot up by itself while in sleep mode and then go into shutdown. Not only that, after it would shut down, it would have a hard time starting back up when pressing the power button.

At one point the computer would not boot up at all, instead it just ran the fan at full blast. I had to force shut it down and even turn off the power supply to get it to boot up again properly. So I knew something had to be done to fix it.

From doing research, many suggested to look at the power settings. The Creators Update did change a lot of the settings, but I found I had to dig deeper to fix the problem. To check the power settings, go to the Control Panel and click Power Options. From here, whichever plan is selected, click “Change plan settings”. You can make sure it is set so that it will not turn off or go to sleep by itself.
Then click “ Change advanced power settings”. Here you can adjust more settings to make sure it does not off the hard disk or put it into hibernate. I did all these things but the issue was still not fixed.

Back on the Power Options page, on the left side, it says “Choose what the power button does”. From here, it will have the setting for “Turn on fast startup” enabled. I unchecked this to disable fast start up. Tip: You may have to click “Change settings that are currently unavailable” first before it will let you disable the fast startup. I'm not sure why Windows makes you jump through so many hoops just to fix the power settings.
Finally there was one more thing that seemed to be causing the shutdown from sleep mode. I went to the Task Manager (right click the bottom task bar) and clicked on the Services tab. In this list was something called “AdaptiveSleepService”. Apparently it is something form AMD that affects the sleep settings. I did some research and there is not much information about it, but apparently it has been known to cause issues such as this with the sleep and shutdown. So I right clicked it and clicked “Open Services”. From here you can right click AdaptiveSleepService and click Properties to open it up. In the Properties you can Stop it and change the Startup type to “Disabled”.
Since doing both of these things, I have not had the issue with the computer booting itself up from sleep and putting itself into shutdown automatically. Disabling fast startup does make it boot up a bit slower from shut down so I am still testing it out, but so far, it seems to be more stable when disabling the fast start up.

I will update this article in case there are any new updates on this case. Hopefully this helps if you are having the same issue.

Update: The computer has not been shutting down by itself, but once again, there has been an instance where it would not boot up after waking up from sleep. Force shut down did not fix it. It needed a complete unplug from the power supply to boot back up again. I may have to try a system restore back to before the Creators Update was installed.

Update: It would not allow a rollback to undo the installation of the Creators Update. For now, I have enabled the Hibernate option for shutdown and will use Hibernate instead of Sleep. It still wakes up fairly quickly from Hibernate and so far it has not had any issues like it did in Sleep mode.

Update 11-5-17:  Windows did another big update for the Fall Creators Update 1709 and again it messed up my settings. It started waking my computer up by itself even when it was in Hibernate. I noticed the Adaptive Sleep Service had been activated again so I disabled it once again. Also as suggested by another article, I went to the Device Manager - Network adapters - Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, then clicked on the Power Management tab and unchecked it where it says "Allow this device to wake the computer". After doing these two things, it has not woken up from Hibernate by itself so things are good for now.

Update: The computer just woke up again from Hibernate. I will have to keep working on it to figure out how to solve this issue. The computer was also not working very well with the new update so I restored it back to the previous version (1703).

Update 1-9-18: Windows just did another update and again it woke itself up after putting it in hibernate mode. It seems whenever they do an update, they keep doing something where it allows it to wake the computer up on its own.

I have tried a few more things here to get it to stop waking up by itself. There are things called Wake Timers that will wake the computer up by itself. To find if your computer has any of these in place, go to the search bar at the bottom left corner and search "Command Prompt". Right click on it and say "Run as administrator"

In the command prompt, copy or type in "powercfg -waketimers" and hit enter. It will give results of the things that are set to wake it up. In my case it said:

Timer set by [SERVICE] \Device\HarddiskVolume3\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe (SystemEventsBroker) ...
  Reason: Windows will execute 'Maintenance Activator' scheduled task that requested waking the computer.

For this, I went to the Security and Maintenance section in windows. Open the Maintenance drop down menu and click "Change Maintenance Settings" It will have a check box that says "Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer. Note, mine was actually unchecked, but it was recommended to check it, click ok, then open it up again and uncheck it. Then say ok.

That seemed to get rid of the original wake time message but then a new one popped up after running the check again. This one said:

Timer set by [SERVICE] \Device\HarddiskVolume3\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe (SystemEventsBroker) expires at ...
  Reason: Windows will execute 'NT TASK\Microsoft\Windows\rempl\shell' scheduled task that requested waking the computer

For this, I opened Task Scheduler from the search bar (right click it and choose Run as Administrator). In the left menu click Task Scheduler Library - Microsoft - Windows - rempl.
In the results, right click on shell and select Properties. Go to the Conditions tab and uncheck the box that says "Wake the computer to run this task"

After that I ran the wake timers test again from the command prompt and it came back free of any wake timers so hopefully it is fixed now.

Update 1-27-18: It was good for a while but Windows keep adding wake timers back on again automatically so again it is waking up by itself.

Update 3-8-18: Windows continues to try to wake up the computer by itself. The current waketimer that it continues to turn on even though I keep turning it off is:
NT TASK\Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator\UpdateAssistantWakeupRun

It has become pretty annoying and has made the sleep and hibernate function practically useless at this point. Not sure why Windows thinks it is ok to make changes on your computer and wake it up whenever it wants to without your permission. 

Update 4-5-18:  Windows did a big update and installed version 1709. Since this update I have not had any issues with it setting up wake timers by itself.

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