Monday, December 18, 2017

Best TV Shows of 2017

This year was kind of interesting in terms of which shows were picked to be in the best tv shows of 2017. In this years list, there were 4 major network shows and 1 cable show. Three of the shows were brand new this year and 2 of them actual had 2 seasons each within the year. After considering all the shows watched this year, here are Connected Isolation's picks for the best tv shows of 2017:

1. The Mick
The Mick is a new comedy that debuted this year featuring Kaitlin Olsen as an R-rated aunt who reluctantly falls into custody of her niece and nephews and has to look after them in the mansion owned by their parents who are put in jail. The show is very funny and stands out over other half hour comedies as it pushes the boundaries of what is appropriate for network tv. 

2. The Toy Box
The Toy Box is another show that debuted this year and like The Mick, had 2 full seasons in 2017. The Toy Box is kind of like Shark Tank for kids in that toy inventors pitch their ideas to a panel of kids who then play with the toys and review them as they ultimately decide which toy will be produced and sold at Toys R Us. Eric Stonestreet does a great job as host and the kids are always entertaining and honest with their critiques. 

3. Nathan For You
In its 4th season, Nathan For You is back with Nathan Fielder doing his thing as he helps struggling businesses succeed by using out-of-the-box ideas and elaborate methods to achieve a goal. If you have seen any of the previous seasons, you know what to expect. If you haven't seen them, definitely check them out as this is a fantastic series that is quite unique and will have you in wonder as you watch some of the craziest ideas come to life. 

4. Hunted
The Hunted is another new show that made its debut this year. It is a reality competition style show where pairs of “fugitives” are set off on the run while real detectives and investigators try to track them down by any means necessary. If the contestants make it to the end without being caught, they win a large sum of money. This show was very exciting and fun to watch as we get to see both sides of the chase from the detectives and the fugitives. 

5. American Ninja Warrior
Rounding out the top shows of 2017 is a returning favorite, American Ninja Warrior. The 9th season was a good one especially for the women ninjas as more than any previous year made it to the later stages of the competition. We also saw many veterans and new contestants compete on some of the toughest courses we have seen in the history of the show. ANW has a good mix of athletics as well as emotion as they feature the backstories of the ninjas revealing what motivates them to succeed. 

What were some of your favorite tv shows of 2017? Feel free to comment below.

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