Sunday, December 17, 2017

Emergency Evacuation List – What to Save if You Have to Leave Fast

It is always a good idea to prepare for the worst case scenario such as if there is a fire, disaster or some kind of emergency that requires you to evacuate your home quickly. If a case like this were to arise and you had to grab the most important things to save, what you save? This is a question you should think about and prepare for ahead of time so you are ready if a situation like this were to ever occur.

So what are the important things you should save? One thing to note is that this list will be different for everyone. Yes, many of the things will be the same, but everyone will have different things that are most important to them depending on what they value. In this list we will recommend what to save as an individual.

Most Important:
- Wallet/Purse (drivers license, social security card, credit cards, insurance cards, cash, checks, medical cards etc)
- Keys (house keys, car keys)
- Mobile Phone, Charger
- Glasses, contacts, medications, or any other medical devices.
- Laptop, Charger, Hard drive or USB drive backup of important files.
- Important Documents (Titles, Taxes, Birth Certificate, House related, Retirement, Insurance, Medical, Will)

A tip for what is considered most important: Think about the things that are valuable to you and cannot be replaced.

More Things to Bring: (for more long term situations)
- Clothes, shoes
- Food, water, water bottle
- Flashlight
- Toiletries
- Multi-tool
- Notepad, pen, pencil
- Lighter, Matches

Another thing to do ahead of time is to go around and take pictures of the inventory of your home. This will help document your personal belongings and things of value. In case they are to be destroyed in a disaster, it may help to have pictures to show when it comes to dealing with insurance.

No one expects fires or disasters to happen to them, but these kinds of events can happen at any time and to anyone so it is important to be well prepared for them. Feel free to use the list above to help create your own emergency list. In case you have any comments or suggestions on other items that should be saved in an emergency, post them in the comments below.

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