Monday, December 10, 2018

Best Youtube Channels for 2018

2018 was a decent year for Youtube with a lot of new channels popping up as well as continued contributions from some of our favorites. This year's list has a mix of funny, informative, and entertaining channels. Here are Connected Isolation's picks for the best Youtube channels in 2018:

1. Steven Schapiro (funny / hidden camera)
Steven Schapiro is a charismatic guy who makes hidden camera style videos where he interacts with people in unconventional ways to see how they react. He has a likable personality and his channel following has grown remarkably quick this year. If you like his videos, check out The Daily Dropout which is another channel he works with that has similar videos.

2. Vlog Creations (funny / vlog)
Ross from Vlog Creations has really done well in 2018 by consistently releasing new videos each week. His videos are vlog style and usually have pranks and goofiness throughout. He and his friends are always entertaining with the shenanigans they get themselves into each week. 

3. Kyde and Eric (travel)
Kyde and Eric are a couple who make long form travel videos often visiting lesser known cities and regions. Unlike other channels that are loaded with fancy editing and music, Kyde and Eric take a more realistic approach showing what the places are really like from the food to the accommodations, to the attractions. Their down to earth personalities shine through as they take us along on their adventures around the worlds.

4. Bad Lip Reading (funny / music)
While this channel does not post as often as some of the others, when they do post a video, it is always a hit. Bad Lip Reading takes video footage of things like news, sports, or tv and replaces the words with different words and voices that are funny. The videos are very well done and even include original songs from time to time.

5. Redline Reviews (car reviews)
If you have been looking up reviews for cars recently, chances are you may have found the Redline Reviews channel. Sofyan the host of this channel does a great job of thoroughly covering new and used cars going over everything from the features to the driving experience. He keeps and unbiased viewpoint which is great when you are looking for a trustworthy review.

6. Doug DeMuro (car reviews)
Like Redline, Doug DeMuro also does a great job when it comes to car reviews. His channel focuses more on special and exotic style cars and while they may not be the kind of cars most people will ever get to drive, it is fun to see the reviews about these cars as well. His reviews are very detailed and he compares the cars he reviews with other like cars in their category.

7. Pumpchasers (fitness, diet, vlog)
Chris from Pumpchasers had a big year in 2018 by becoming a father for the first time. He had a baby girl, but that did not detract him from creating plenty of lifestyle and fitness videos on his channel. Chris is a hard worker and has a lot of advice when it comes to workouts, diet, and life in general.

8. Jack Vale (pranks)
Jack has been in the Youtube game for a long time and while other channels may have faded away, Jack is still going strong creating funny prank videos for our enjoyment. His pranks might seem immature to some, but they are always good spirited and light hearted.

9. Angry Dad (pranks)
The guys from the Angry Dad channel have perfected the art of tormenting their dad with pranks. Angry Dad as his title suggests is easily angered when his kids play pranks on him and often goes on a profanity laced tirade. Even though he may seem angry, you can tell deep down they have a loving relationship.

10. Jenna Marbles (weird / funny)
Jenna Marbles is one of the few mega popular Youtubers I can recommend. Even with her large following she is still authentic and makes videos she wants to make no matter how weird the concepts might be or what people might think about her. She is very funny it is always interesting to see what projects she is going to do next. 

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