Saturday, December 14, 2019

Best Youtube Channels of 2019

It's time once again for the best Youtube channels of the year. This year I decided to feature channels that have not been on the list in previous years so all of these are making their first appearance. Here are my recommendations for the best Youtube channels of 2019:

1. Gas Station Encounters
The number 1 pick this year goes to Gas Station Encounters which is a channel run by a guy who works at a gas station that happens to have good security cameras. They monitor the cameras and catch people who try to steal from their store. When they find a thief, they put the footage on Youtube and do commentary over it.  Here's a classic example of when they catch someone in the act:

2. Mark Rober
Another one of the best channels this year is from Mark Rober who uses science and technology to create new gadgets and conduct amazing experiments. In this video that went viral, he created a decoy package to get back at those who steal packages off people's front porches. He designed it so when the box is opened, it sprays glitter, fart spray, and records the whole thing!:

3. Karen Puzzles
Karen Kavett known for her DIY craft videos started this channel because of her love for puzzles. On this channel she reviews puzzles and shares some of the most interesting puzzles in her collection. In this video she talks about what actually makes a puzzle easy or difficult:

4. Exhaust Sports Auto
Kevin from Exhaust Sports Auto is one of the up and coming car reviewers on Youtube. While he does not have as many subscribers as some of the other channels yet, his reviews are top notch. One thing that sets his reviews apart is his honest, no-nonsense approach. Here's just one of his videos where he reviews the Mazda MX-5 Miata hard top and convertible:

5. Danny Vega
Danny Vega got some attention this year when a video of his where he pokes fun at his hometown went viral. In his videos, he does comedic and sarcastic coverage of different towns and locations. Here's his take on what it is like to live in New York City:

6. Monica Ortega
Monica Ortega makes travel style videos where she visits different places and showcases what they have to offer. She has a likeable personality and is not afraid to go out of her comfort zone to try something new. Here is an example where she visits a Bavarian themed town in Leavenworth Washington:

7.  Simon Rex
Simon Rex is an actor and also known for his music, but recently he started a podcast called Nervous Rex. He has a lot of interesting stories and commentary on life, and each week he features a different guest to discuss different topics. Here's one of his recent shows where he talks with actor Charlie Sheen:

Hope you enjoyed this years picks for best Youtube channels of 2019! Feel free to comment below if you found some new channels you like this year.

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