Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Checking In. Some thoughts on the current state of the world.

It's been several months since I wrote my last blog entry so I figured I should check in with a little update in case anyone was wondering. I'm doing fine and not much has changed for me considering the state of the world with the Corona virus. I have still been working since I do food and grocery delivery.

I try to stay up to date on the situation and according to the numbers, a lot of people have been affected by in terms of real life, I have not really noticed it. Yes many places are closed and there are a lot more people wearing masks and gloves, but other than that, it has not been much different. I would say the thing that has affected me most is seeing my family less since we would usually go out to eat, but since the restaurants are closed, we have been skipping that.

As someone who has been out working during this time, I actually like it better now than before because there are a lot less people out there. This mean no traffic on the roads which is wonderful. There are however a lot more people out walking so you have to be mindful of that.

The virus has certainly given people something to talk about since everyone can weigh in with an opinion about it. There is a lot that is bad about the virus but I think some positives have come from it as well. It definitely boosted people's awareness of germs and how to help prevent spreading sickness around. I think these habits will stick with us for a while and help limit the amount of people getting sick.

It has also given most people a break from their everyday routine so they can take some time to reflect. Many people have been too busy with work to do the things they want to do, but now that they have the time, they can actually accomplish some of these things.

There is a lot of debate on what the solution should be and how it should be handled especially when it comes to when things should start opening back up and when people should be able to go back to their normal routines. I think the quarantining has helped limit the spread but even with people staying in, the virus has spread to an enormous amount of people.

It has caused quite a detrimental effect on the economy with so many things shut down and people not working. I think because of this, we need to slowly start opening things back up while keeping safety precautions in place. The health and well being is the number 1 priority, but the economy of the country and the world is also incredibly important so I think there has to be a balance of the two. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

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