Monday, April 27, 2020

Commenting on small Youtube channels vs large channels – Why it is important to support smaller channels.

I have been a fan of Youtube since the early days and while it has gone through many changes over the years, one of the main components other than the videos themselves has been the comments. The comments section allows the viewers to interact with the Youtuber who made the video and lets them give feedback and support immediately after watching the video.

Some channels with millions of subscribers will have thousands of comments on every video. They will post a video and within an hour there may be well over a thousand comments. When you watch a video like this, you might want to leave a comment, but when you see there are already thousands there already, it kind of seems pointless.

In a sea of so many comments, there is a good chance your comment will not even be seen by the creator since they already have way too many to read. It might not even be seen by other people since it can easily get buried by other comments.

Smaller Youtube channels on the other hand tend to not get as many comments since they do not have that many viewers or subscribers yet. For channels like these, posting a comment can be a lot more meaningful since the video creator is sure to see it. It will also be seen by more people viewing the video since there are fewer comments altogether.

I take these two situations into consideration every time I watch a video on Youtube. If it is a popular channel with a video that has tons of comments, I will be less likely to post a comment because they already got plenty of feedback and support. If I really have something unique or important to say, I might still post it even if there is little chance it will be read.

On the other hand with smaller channels that have fewer subscribers, I really try to make the effort to leave a comment on the videos. Even if I'm not inspired to comment about something right away, I will take a little time to think about it and try to come up with something to say even if it is just something like “Great job on the video! Keep up the good work!”

Even posting a small comment can be very meaningful to someone who may not have many followers or supporters. Sure they can see the views, and the "likes" are nice to see also, but the comments really give it a personal touch and it shows that a real person is watching your video and taking the time to respond to it. This can be very rewarding for someone who is putting themselves out there for the world to see.

Keep this in mind next time you are on Youtube and you are watching a video on a lesser know channel or one that does not have a lot of views or comments. Just taking a minute to leave a nice comment can really make someone's day.

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