Sunday, July 18, 2021

Loud Car Horns Should Be Illegal - Ban the use of train horns on vehicles

As the title states, loud car horns also known as train horns should be illegal. Chances are you have heard one of these horns out on the roads. They are extremely loud and startling. Given the fact that loud noises can cause serious damage to your ears, it does not make sense that a product such as a train horn that produces dangerous levels of sound is allowed to be sold and installed on passenger vehicles.

These kinds of horns are known to produce honks at 150 decibels. An impulse noise at that level can cause injury and pain to the ear and is unsafe to be exposed to it for any duration of time. So how is it legal that something like this is being sold to consumers to put on their vehicles?

Laws can be different depending on the location but most areas have a law prohibiting the use of an excessively loud warning device such as these horns. So if a police officer were to hear someone use a horn like this, they could very well pull them over and give them a ticket.

But this does not stop people from installing them on their vehicles and using them maliciously. Often there are warnings from the manufacturers stating that hearing protection must be worn when using these horns. Do you think anyone is following that warning? Unsuspecting people outside or out on the road certainly do not have that warning before they are assaulted by a horn like this.

A ticket or a fine is not enough for something that could cause permanent hearing damage to an innocent bystander who happens to be nearby one of these horns. Personally I have been lucky not to have this happen to me, but I have been exposed to other loud noises in the past which did have a lasting negative affect on my hearing so I take this topic very seriously.

Once your hearing is damaged, it is irreversible. So knowing that these kinds of horns are being freely sold to anyone who wants to put them on their car and go around blasting it at people is very troubling. Anyone doing this should understand these repercussions and know they could get themselves in additional legal trouble should any victim of their recklessness decide to press charges.  

I'm guessing this will be a very polarizing topic between those who are against loud horns like this, and those who think they should be free put them on their vehicles. Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue in the comments.

To everyone out there, please be careful with your hearing. If you are someone who has one of these horns, please be responsible and reconsider what you are doing.

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