Saturday, July 17, 2021

Show Recommendation - Born This Way


I recently found a great series to watch so I wanted to share it here. It's called Born This Way and it is a documentary style show that follows the lives of several young adults who have Down Syndrome. The series originally aired on A&E and is available now streaming online on the Roku channel.

The show is centered around a main group of of about 7 individuals who are friends. It explores who each of them are, what their life is like, what their interests are, how they deal with relationships, what their family life is like etc.

As with most reality style shows, there is plenty of drama mostly when it comes to relationships. As each episode goes by we learn more an more about the cast members and see the challenges they face with their disabilities. All of them are wonderful and interesting people which makes the show a delight to watch.

One of the main themes is showing how individuals with Down Syndrome have the same kinds of feelings and dreams as those without disabilities. We see how they set goals and work to achieve them with the help and support around them. They are able to accomplish dreams such as starting a business, giving motivational speeches, being successful at a job, and even getting married.

The show spans 4 seasons and having watched the whole series, I highly recommend it! If you like feel good shows in a documentary style, you are sure to enjoy Born This Way.

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