Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Beauty and the Geek Australia 2021 Review

I have been a fan of Beauty and the Geek since it began and have watched all the seasons I could including the original US series as well as the international versions. It had been off air for many years but I was super excited to hear that Beauty and the Geek Australia was coming back for a new season in 2021! It is currently streaming on 9Now for Australia and is not available in the US yet, but luckily I managed to get to see it.

For this season, it follows a similar format pairing“geeks” with “beauties” and having them compete in different challenges to push them out of their comfort zones and introduce them to each others worlds. The host this season was Sophie Monk who I was unfamiliar with prior to this show, but she did a fantastic job as host. She has a commanding presence and I love her deadpan style humor.

The cast this year was excellent and there were so many likable beauties and geeks on this season. They were all kind and supportive of each other. I loved seeing their relationships grow throughout the show as well as seeing the personal growth of each individual.

I was surprised at how far this season pushed them out of their comfort zones. In past seasons I remember there were a lot of challenges that just tested them on little things like quizzes and activities within the group, but on this season it seemed like every challenge put them in front of an audience doing some kind of performance with almost no preparation at all. I don't know how they got through it, but they did and I think it made them stronger having gone through all those tough challenges.

Of course the show also had one of the most exciting parts, the makeovers, where the geeks get a fresh look. It is always fun to see and this one was no exception. It's great to see their transformation on the outside match the transformation on the inside.

This season was also very emotional as the bonds and friendships created were so strong. They really expressed their feeling and showed how much this journey has meant to them. You can tell there are some really great connections that were formed this season.

Even though they were all great, eventually there had to be one winner and no spoilers, but I think the right couple won as they really embodied what the show is about, taking two people from opposite sides of life, seeing an incredible connection they can make and how it brings out the best in both of them. Overall, I highly recommend this season of Beauty and the Geek Australia to everyone!

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