Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Coffee Meets Bagel Review - Should you try this dating app?

I have tried several different dating sites and apps over the years without much success. In fact, I had pretty much given up on them for a few years, but after getting inspired by shows like “Love on the Spectrum” and “Beauty and the Geek”, I decided to try out another app that had been on my radar for a while called Coffee Meets Bagel. I downloaded it after hearing that it was more based on actual content and providing good matches vs other surface level apps that just have you making judgments based on pictures.  

Setting up the profile was pretty simple. For the profile, it asks you to add pictures of course, as well as the usual basics like age, location, preferences etc. It also gives you prompts and questions that you can fill out to express yourself so people can get to know a bit about you. I found these to be very helpful so I highly recommend filling them out.

That goes for the profile in general, I recommend filling out as much as you can. With so many people on these apps you really have to make yourself stand out. You would be surprised at how many profiles are empty and have nothing but a few pictures and a minimum amount of information filled in. If you want someone to take your profile seriously and not just go based on a picture, make sure your profile is complete.

Once your profile is ready, they will send you a batch of potential matches or “bagels” as they call them. They really go with the “coffee and bagel” theme which is different, but I don't really understand the reasoning or connection. Supposedly the ones they send you are the best matches for you, but I found them not to be too accurate based on my likes and parameters.  

The app does let you set some preferences for your matches such as age, distance, height, ethnicity, and religion. I do wish they would add more options to help narrow down searches. This seems to be one of the limitations of the app. For example in the profile it asks about smoking, but nowhere does it ask about drinking. I found that odd as both of these are pretty standard questions.

One thing I don't like about the app is that it does not show names unless you have a mutual match with someone. So when you are going through the profiles, you see the picture and then below it, you see their job and school. Personally I'm not that concerned with their job and where they went to school when I don't even know their name.

When you see a profile that catches your interest, you can “heart” it or send them a message. If you're not interested, you can “x” it. If they like you back, they will move to your chats section in the app where you can begin chatting. I found that the app sends you about 15-20 matches per day, but there is also the option to go through more profiles in the “Discover” section in the app. I'm not really sure why they made these two sections separate as they seem to be pretty much the same except in the Discover section, you can't send messages right away.

There is also something called “beans” like coffee beans which functions as a form of currency. You get beans for checking in and for doing various things, and it seems to subtract beans when liking profiles. I never really saw much purpose of this, but I guess it is more for the premium features where you can pay money to have more features. Personally I have stuck with the free option so it does not seem to have much significance.

Upon trying it out for a couple weeks, I got just a couple matches that led to chats. Both were ok but one was a distance too far away and the other just kind of fizzled out in the chat. After a couple weeks it seems I may have gone through most of the profiles as it seems to be slowing down.

Overall I will probably stick with it for a little while. It is definitely better than some of the other apps I have tried, but there is certainly room for improvement. For a free app, they give a pretty good amount of options and the ability to chat with people and make connections. The way they send out a limited amount of matches each day also keeps you engaged without getting overwhelmed or bored with it. If you are looking to try a new dating app, I think it is definitely worth checking out.

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