Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ads on the Internet are Getting Out of Hand

Is it just me or are there becoming more and more advertisements on the internet. Pretty much any site you go to you either get ads all over the page or pop up ads. You have to navigate through them to get to the actual content. I understand a few ads on your site just to help earn some money to support the site, but some sites are just getting out of hand.

If you have more ads on your site than content, you have too much. If I need to close 3 windows and force close FireFox 2 times, you have too many ads.

Then there are the annoying ads like the ones that hoover over content so you can't see or click things. And the Youtube ads that go over the video. Listen, nobody clicks those, so stop putting them on there. It's not worth the occasional accidental click.

Videos on Youtube used to be free. Now it's no different than tv where you have to watch commercials.

I have some Google ads on this blog, but they do not overshadow the blog posts. Really it is barely even worth having the ads. I have over a hundred articles on here and I have earned like a few dollars total.

Everything always comes back to money. People want more money and they will compromise user experience on the internet to get it. Unfortunately I don't see the situation getting better, only worse as time goes on.

Update: You can now block most ads on the internet with free browser plugins like Ad Block Plus. They are easy to install and make internet browsing a lot better and less annoying.


  1. Welcome to the world of facism and Capitolism....They have combined to make it so you don't have a choice but to be bombarded by propaganda that overshadows the true content you seeked out. Sooner or later there will be no content....

  2. Good point. I couldn't agree with you more. This year I noticed some annoying new developments. They want to keep us waiting.... I now regularly have to watch commercials before I can download (freeware!)files or before I will be redirected to the article I'd like to read. My favorite site forces me to watch a movie for thirty seconds for every short movie I'd like to watch. It's getting out of hand. It's also sad to see that webpages are loading slower and slower. Despite my new hardware and fast connection, it happens very often that I can't read an article on a site because one of the ads won't load in time and the page won't appear before all ads are loaded. Sigh..

  3. Update: I have recently install Adblock Plus which is an add-on for FireFox. It blocks most of the ads. So far I have been happy with it. It definitely saves time and makes websites less annoying. Try it out.