Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chipotle Restaurant Complaints

Chipotle used to be one of my favorite restaurants but it has gone downhill the past couple years. I have been disappointed the past few times I have gone there.

Today I went there. It was a rainy day, so you wouldn't expect a lot of people to be out. The line was backed up to the door. I don't know if they changed the lights, but they felt like uncomfortable spotlights. The music was ok, but too loud.

I'm not a fan of the overly simplified menu. It seems like there are less choices. Also prices have gone up. I went with a veggie bowl. They move you along fast, but I felt rushed, like I didn't get enough time to pick out what I wanted.

We found a table, that was not too clean, but the only one open. The food was ok. My rice was very salty though like it wasn't mixed in very well.

Last time I tried one of those new soups they have. It was nothing special. Not good enough to be on a simple menu like that.

Overall, I think the place has become too popular. There are other restaurants that are very similar to the fast casual Mexican style such as Baja Fresh, and my new favorite Moe's Southwest Grill. I'll take a break from Chipotle.

Update 4-8-15: I still go to Chipotle every once in a while.  That must have been a rare occasion because usually it is pretty good. However, it is still pricey compared to the previous years so that is one reason I don't go very often.

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