Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anything Is Possible

It's really amazing to think how far mankind has progressed over the years. Just think about all the stuff we have now that did not exist 100 years ago. If you would have told people in the 1800's about the kind of stuff we have today from cars to computers to cell phones, they never would have believed you. Even today if you really think about, it's incredible that humans have been able to develop these types of technology.

When you realize this, it makes it seem like literally anything is possible and it is just a matter of time before something gets invented or discovered. Innovations are built on previous innovations and it continues on like that. New products are made and then products are made from those new products. With the invention of the internet and sharing of information, it allows people to learn about anything whenever they want. This is a huge advantage over previous generations and should make development of new technologies move even faster.

Who knows what will be available in the next hundred years? What will be the next big thing? Have we run out of new innovations or will there ever be a peak? Only time will tell, but I'm guessing it will continue to progress beyond our wildest imaginations.

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