Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TV Review: Master Chef, SYTYCD, and New Shows This Week

One show that I am really enjoying this season is Master Chef.  Gordon Ramsay has a lot of shows and while I liked Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef was always on the back burner, pun intended.  Actually I started getting into it last season because someone I went to school with was on the show.  This season I like it because they have a lot of good characters or should I say chefs.  My favorites right now are Monti, Felix, and Christine.  They are all still in the competition.  I find myself drawn to this show even when other shows I like are on at the same time.

So You Think You Can Dance has selected the top 20 dancers and so far this looks to be a pretty good season.  My favorites right now are Alexa Anderson, Amelia Lowe, and Janelle Issis.  The show was not on last week due to the 4th of July holiday, but it will be back in full swing this Wednesday.  It will be interesting to see how they deal with voting and eliminations with only one show per week.

There are 4 shows premiering this week, 2 new and 2 returning that I will be checking out this week. First is Trust Us With Your Life.  I don't even know much about this show other than it is improvisational and similar to Whose Line is it Anyway, but I like those 2 things, so I'm hoping this show will be good.  Catch the first episode this Tuesday on ABC.

Another show premiering right after that is NY Med.  If I'm not mistaken, ABC has done 2 of these kinds of doctor documentary shows over the past couple years.  They had different titles, based on the hospitals they were filmed at.  I think this is the same series, just with a different name.  I hope so because I really liked those previous shows.  They followed doctors and the process of treating patients and working in a hospital on a human level.  

A show that is returning this Thursday on CBS is Big Brother.  This is one of my favorite summer shows.  I already previewed the cast and it looks like a good one.

And finally, a show that is coming back for it's 5th and final season this Sunday is Breaking Bad.  This has been one of my favorite shows of the past few years and while I thought the earlier seasons were better, I am still looking forward to seeing what happens in the final season.

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