Monday, July 16, 2012

Rugged Wear Work Gloves Review

I was in the market for a pair of new weight lifting gloves after my old ones were starting to fall apart after about 10 years.  At first I searched online, the usual Amazon search and read some reviews.  I found some that looked good, but they were kind of expensive, plus gloves are something you really need to try on before you buy.  So then I thought about buying them in a local store.  I looked at Target and they had a small selection, but nothing jumped out at me.  Then I thought about going to Dick's sporting goods store.  I looked online first and they had a big selection, but again, the prices were high.  Finally I went to the Menards hardware store because i knew they had work gloves.

At Menards they had a big selection, a whole isle with different kinds of gloves in fact.  Not only that, but the prices were good too.  I found a pair I liked that were by the brand "Rugged Wear" or RW for short.  The model is X-Treme Work Gloves.  These looked like weight lifting gloves so I tried them out.  They seemed pretty good and not only that, they were on sale for only $5!  Regular price was $15 I believe.  So I got them.  I went with the XL size because I like the gloves to be roomy and breathable.

So at home I decided to do some modifications to them.  They were kind of bulky so I decided to cut off the wrist strap that has velcro.  This made them more comfortable and easier to get on and off.  They are still full finger which I was looking for.  I'm debating on whether or not to cut off the finger tips like most weight gloves, but for now I like them full finger.

After a few uses, I am pretty happy with these gloves.  They look nice and make it easy to hold the weights.  I did some research and there is practically nothing online about them.  I don't even think the company has a website.  They are a Menards brand so that is probably why they don't have a site.  Anyway, if you are looking for gloves, I highly recommend going to Menards and trying these out.

UPDATE 8-6-12
So I have been using the gloves for a few weeks and I have noticed the the inside lining is starting to peel.  Not a huge deal, but not great either.  I'm not surprised considering the low cost of the gloves, but it is something to consider.

Update 4-6-15 Hard to believe it has been almost 3 years, but the gloves are still going strong. I use them for weightlifting pretty much every day and they are still in good shape!

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