Thursday, March 3, 2016

FreeTaxUSA Review

I recently finished filing my taxes this year using FreeTaxUSA. It is one of the online services recommended by the IRS for e-filing tax returns. They provide a free Federal tax return as well as State return for $12.95.

You can even get 10% off the State Return with promo code: FREETAXUSA10 

I have been using FreeTaxUSA for many years and I have been happy with their service each year. The website is well organized and easy to follow. You just have to go step by step and enter in your information. They ask questions on each page and explain everything in detail so you can make sure your taxes are filed correctly.

One bonus with FreeTaxUSA is they will save your information from the previous year so when you log in, you do not have to enter in all the same information from last year. This saves a lot of time especially when there are numbers from the previous year you may need to look up.

I was able to complete the Federal and State returns together in about 2 1/2 hours but most people will be able to complete it faster. As someone who is self employed and works with a few different companies, it takes a little longer to complete. I helped one of my relatives do their taxes with FreeTaxUSA and it only took about 1 hour.

Once you have gone through all the pages, you will have the option to get a refund by check or direct deposit, or make a payment if you end up owing taxes at the end. In case you have to stop in the middle, there is the option to save it and come back to it at a later time.

If you have never filed taxes online before or are looking for a new service for e-filing taxes, I highly recommend FreeTaxUSA. It is a simple and affordable way to file your own taxes!

Update 2-20-17: I used FreeTaxUSA again this year and the promo code is still good for 10% off the State return. Overall the site is very thorough and pretty easy to follow step by step. I was able to e-file both the Federal and State taxes and they were approved same day.

Update 2-12-18: The promo code for 10% off is still good for 2018. 

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