Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Raisins Review - The Search For Fresh Raisins

Growing up I remember we would have Sun-Maid raisins in the house and I remember never really liking them very much. Because of this,  many years went by where I did not eat raisins. As an adult, I decided to get back into raisins due to the fact that they are convenient, cheap, and a good way to get a serving of fruit.

I started trying out a few brands, mostly store brands from a few of the local stores. Overall the tastes were ok and pretty similar between brands. Then one day I got the store brand raisins from Peapod and I was shocked at how fresh they were! Unlike most of the other brands these were moist and juicy and not dry at all. They were actually delicious as opposed to just so-so like most raisins.

After seeing the potential at how good raisins can actually be, I decided to give a popular name brand another try just to see if they were better. I got the Sun-Maid raisins in the 6 pack. Upon trying them out, they were kind of a disappointment. They actually seemed more dry than most of the store brand raisins.

I do most of my grocery shopping at local stores so I have only ordered that one time from Peapod. Consequently, I have not been able to find another brand of raisin matching the freshness of the Peapod store brand. Just today I went to look them up again to try to get some more information and it seems they were not available or just not in stock anymore. It is a shame because they were really good!

Are there any other brands out there with fresh raisins?

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