Thursday, May 19, 2016

BFvsGF Announce Split and End of Vlogs - This Time it is Not a Prank

In an emotional video yesterday, Jesse and Jeana from Youtube channel BFvsGF announced sad news that they would be taking a break from each other as well as discontinuing their daily vlogs millions have come to love. In summary, the stress of recording their lives everyday and sharing it with millions of people has taken a toll on them and their relationship so they have decided to take a break.

This is big news to someone like myself who has been watching their videos everyday for years. I, like most people, first found them through their prank channel PrankvsPrank and soon became a subscriber of their daily vlogs on BFvsGF. One of my favorite things to do is watch Youtube videos and BFvsGF has been one of my favorite channels all these years.

They provided daily entertainment for millions of fans but they provided so much more than that. As they gained popularity, their fame afforded them the opportunity to attend big events, meet famous people, and travel to different cities and countries around the world. I know myself and many others almost lived vicariously through them as they experienced many things that most people will never get a chance to experience.

Jesse and Jeana had a huge influence on their audience and they took the responsibility to set a good example for the Peeps. Were they perfect? No, but as they have mentioned in past vlogs, they always looked to set a good example and because of that, making the vlogs encouraged them to be better people themselves.

Many people will undoubtedly be upset to hear about this news, but it is completely understandable. Their lives have been on display and under scrutiny each day for years and while it is the reason for their success, if they decide to change paths and do something else, well, as their friend Ed Bassmaster would say, “They got every right ta”.

So what will the future hold for BFvsGF and Jesse and Jeana? Jesse has announced plans to move to New York while Jeana will stay in Philadelphia. Jesse has expressed interest in continuing to make videos such as short films. I'm sure we will continue to see new projects from both of them, just not as frequent as we have come to expect.

Personally, I would like to thank Jesse and Jeana for sharing their lives with us over all these years. I wish you guys all the best and success in whatever you decide to do next! We will miss you guys and hope to see you again soon! Peace, on the streets, SAAAN!

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