Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Live with Kelly Post Strahan Era

Live with Kelly and Michael has been one of my favorite morning shows to watch over the past few years, so it was big news a few weeks back when they announced that Michael Strahan would be leaving the show to join Good Morning America. This past Friday was his last day. It was a good episode with lots of recaps of his time on the show. There is a good chance he will come back eventually as a guest or guest co-host.

I tuned in yesterday with eager anticipation on what it would be like since he left and it is now just Kelly and a guest until they find another permanent co-host. I was kind of surprised at how well they made the transition. Everything from the intro for the show to the coffee mugs on the table had been updated to reflect the change with "Live Kelly".

I'm glad to see they were able to continue without missing a beat. Kelly is amazing and brightens up each day with this show. The first co-host was Jimmy Kimmel who is a friend of the show and does a great job at filling in as co-host.

It will be interesting to see who eventually gets to take the permanent spot next to Kelly. From what I have seen, some of my favorite episodes are when her husband Mark Consuelos joins in. I think he would make a great co-host but it might be too much for them to live together and work together. Another one that comes to mind is Josh Groban who has been on the show a few times and always does a good job.

Whatever happens, it is good to see Live with Kelly is still going strong!

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