Monday, May 23, 2016

Feit Eternalite LED Nightlight Review

When I moved into my new place years ago, I was looking for a nightlight for the bathroom and kitchen to give a little light when it was dark. In the past I had used traditional nightlights with replaceable bulbs, but this time I decided to try out the LED style that lasts longer and uses very little energy.

I found a sleek looking nightlight by Feit Electric for about $5 at the local hardware store. They are also available online at sites like Amazon. I took them home, plugged them in and they were good to go! One of the nice features about them is that they are light sensitive so when the room light is on, they turn off automatically. Then they turn back on as soon as it is dark again. They provide plenty of light to see where you are going at night without being too bright.

I have now been using them for about 7 years and they are still going strong. The packaging says they only use 25 cents worth of electricity per year which is pretty impressive for a light that is on most of the time. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a nice looking nightlight that is reasonably priced and will last a long time.

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