Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bad first impressions turning people off to new foods they might actually like

Have you ever thought there was a certain food you did not like and then found out later that it is actually pretty good? Or have you ever tried a new brand of a familiar food that you like only to find out that the new brand is not very good? Since there is a wide range of quality and taste in many foods, it is very possible that the first time you try a certain food it may not be as good as it can be.

If you try something for the first time and you don't like it, it gives a bad first impression and it is easy to declare it as a food you do not like. But what happens if it was just a poor representation of that food and that actually it does taste good when it is more fresh or prepared in a better way? I have experienced this and also heard stories about the same issue of foods giving a bad first impression because they did not give a good representation of the potential that food had to offer.

For example, growing up as a kid, my mom would buy raisins in little boxes. Not to mention any brand names, but they were a well known brand so one would assume they should be pretty good. While they were ok, I never really liked them that much. I always found them to be pretty dry and just not very appealing in flavor.

Then later as an adult, I happened to try out a different brand of raisins and to my surprise, they were incredibly fresh and delicious! I didn't know raisins could taste like that. I thought they were always dry and not very good, but these were almost like eating fresh fruit. So because I had the first impressions from the dry raisins, I just assumed that is how raisins are and they are not very good, when in fact, they can be quite delicious when they are fresh and better quality.

Sometimes you may have a certain product you enjoy from a certain brand and then you try another brand of the same product and it is not nearly as good. This happened to me recently. I drink soy milk pretty often and I have a few brands that I like. Then one day they were out of my usual brand so I had to try another one I had not tried before. I looked at the ingredients and nutrition and it looked pretty similar so I figured it would be ok. Upon trying it out, it was not good at all.

I thought about what would happen if someone tried soy milk for the first time and they picked this brand. There is a good chance they would not like the taste and since it was their first time trying soy milk, they would just assume that is how it tastes and come to the conclusion that it is something they do not like. In this situation, one brand could be ruining someone's impression of a product because it is not as good as it should be.

A comedian named Todd Barry once made a joke about this same issue. He mentioned how he doesn't like sushi. He said he gave it one chance at the air port one time and it wasn't good, so now he has written it off as a food he does not like. Of course he says this in a joking way since it is likely the sushi at the airport is not as good as what you would get at a sushi restaurant, but the idea is the same in that a poor first impression can make you think you don't like something that you actually might enjoy if it is done right. Keep this idea in mind when trying new foods for the first time.

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