Monday, August 20, 2018

Why older generations don't like younger generation's music? The effects of technology on music and what determines good music?

Every decade can be defined by the kind of music that was popular at the time. Depending on when you were born determines which kind of music you will be most exposed to and which will have a strong influence on your musical taste. Of course people are free to listen to whatever music they want including older music, but new music is what gets the most play and is what people, especially young people, will hear the majority of the time.

I think most people are at their most influential stage around the teenage years through young adult. In the teenage years and even in some years before this time, kids are starting to take an interest in music and are starting to hear new songs and develop a taste for what they like in music. Often they will like the popular music of the time as well as new music from other genres.

What kids listen to during these years will stay with them and as adults they will look back on this time and remember the music they used to listen to. They will have the feeling of nostalgia remembering the songs they loved growing up.

As people get older and their lives start to become more busy, they tend to not listen to as much music as they used to or at least not follow it as closely as they did when they were a kid. Often times people kind of lose touch with the new music of the time because they are either too busy or have just lost interest. Years can go by where people don't pay any attention to the music that is new and popular.

Adults may make an attempt to get back into it by listening to some of the new songs that are popular only to find out they don't like them. The new songs are unfamiliar and different from what they are used to. They might seek out some of the old bands and artists they used to listen to only to find out they have stopped making music or their new stuff is not as good as their old stuff. After realizing this, they may go back and just listen to the music they grew up with.

In my experience, I was really into music growing up, but as I got older I started to lose interest. I felt like I had listened to a lifetime's worth of music and there wasn't much left to listen to. Every once in a while, I might happen to hear a new song that catches my interest, but for the most part, I don't hear too much I like in popular music these days.

Is the music worse, or is it just a change in the generations of music as described above? It could be a little of both. I think back to the music I listened to as a kid and realized that the adults at that time probably didn't like what we were listening to. We thought it was good at the time and still do, but that is because it was our generation's music.

So it may be the same situation when adults hear the music the kids are listening to these days and think it is not good. To the kids, it is good because it is their music and that is what they are growing up with. When they get older, they will look back at the music they used to listen to in the same way with fond memories.

It is possible that the change in technology has had an effect on the music that gets noticed. For example, back in the day before the internet and smart phones, people got their music from the radio or music channels on tv. A band or artist had to get enough attention to get a record deal, record an album, and get enough promotion and approval to get on the radio. These things provided a filter so only the best made it to the airwaves.

These days, anyone with a computer can record their own music and put it online instantly. Because of this change, there is a lot more music available, but at the same time, the quality has been spread thin so it makes it more difficult to find the good music in a sea of mediocrity.

With visual media such as Youtube and Instagram, it seems image has become even more important in making it in the music business even more so compared to what it used to be. With these changes, it is possible some music that is not that good is becoming popular due to factors such as image and popularity in other media.

Nevertheless, every generation will have a collection of songs they consider to be their music because it is what they grew up with. Some of it might be good, some of it might not be so good. Even the bad songs will still have a place in the memory for those who grew up with them.

New songs come and go fast these days. It takes decades of time to truly determine the good music. Why is this, you may ask? It is because it takes many years to see which songs stand the test of time. A lot of songs will be popular this year, but 20-30 years from now, most of them will be forgotten. There will however be some that continue to be listened to and will achieve classic status. These songs will join the other songs that are considered classic and timeless and generally accepted as great songs.

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