Sunday, August 26, 2018

Following Trends vs Setting Trends

When it comes to fashion, I find most people can be categorized into 2 different groups, those who follow the trends and those who set the trends. You might think this is false and feel like you do not fall into one of these 2 categories, but chances are you do, even without knowing it.

Someone who follows the trends tries to be in style by wearing what is trendy at the time. They may look to see what the majority of other people are wearing and try to buy clothes that will help them fit in. They may look at advertisements, websites, or displays in stores for ideas on what they should wear. They might feel like they are one step behind, always trying to keep up with whatever look is “in” that year.

Those who set the trends can fall into 2 categories and neither may be intending to set the trends at all. For example, a celebrity may wear some kind of outfit and because they have a lot of admirers, people will try to emulate their look or try to find the same kind of clothes to wear so they can be like their idol. In this case, the celebrity is not intentionally trying to set trends, but they do so inadvertently just because there are a lot of people watching them who are influenced by what they do.

The other category of someone who sets trends without knowing it is the kind of person who just wears whatever they want even if it is out of the ordinary. They may have some odd clothing or style that is unconventional. Maybe they are just trying to be comfortable and not necessarily follow what most people are wearing at the time. Maybe they just have a desire to wear clothes that are different from most of the things you may find in a store.

These people may not be trying to set trends but when they go out in public, other people see what they are wearing and become intrigued. It is possible some people may be turned off by their look, but some people may find it interesting and different enough that it gives them inspiration to wear something similar. So in a case like this, someone who is doing their own thing, not following any trends is in fact influencing trends unintentionally.

Looking at all the examples, it is likely that those who are following the trends also play a part in setting trends as well just by being out in public wearing what they think is in style at the moment. Since they are seen by others, they play a part in the influence on what is considered popular or in trend at the time. From the examples above, it seems most people fall into one of the 2 categories of following trends or setting trends whether they realize it or not.

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