Sunday, December 1, 2019

Incredible True Story: Joe vs Elan School – Troubled teens who were forced to attend a physically and psychological abusive school

When it comes to stories, in my opinion, the best kind are the ones that seem unbelievable as if they must be fiction, but in fact they are actually true. Joe vs Elan School happens to be one of these stories. It is currently being written and published online in graphic novel form.

It is a biographical recap of what happened to Joe when he was a teen and his parents arranged to have him sent to a radical boarding school called Elan. But this was no ordinary school. It was pretty much a prison that included brainwashing, physical, and mental torture. The school managed to exist for decades up until recent years when enough information leaked out about the abuse that was going on which ultimately caused it to shut down.

Joe was one of the many troubled teens that had the misfortune of being sent to this school. He is now sharing his story by writing and illustrating what happened to him during that time.

The story is incredibly captivating and is so unbelievable in the sense that it is hard to imagine that these things actually happened but they did! There are countless records of other former Elan students confirming the things that were allowed to go on at this school.

For example, right from the beginning, you did not just go to this school under your own free will. In many cases such as Joe's a teen escort company was hired to literally kidnap you in the middle of the night, throw you in a van and transport you across the country to the school where you would be held captive.

At the school you were stripped of everything and made to follow a set of strict guidelines which was impossible to follow in order to set you up for failure and punishment. Simple things like talking to the wrong people, looking at people, saying the wrong thing, not saying enough... could get you in trouble and these are just a few examples.

Punishments included things like having to stand while an entire room of kids screamed in your face one after the other, saying abusive hurtful things. Another punishment included being forced to fight against the other kids in a boxing style fight, except it was everyone against you. Other punishments included having to sit in a corner for weeks on end.

Another mind boggling thing about this school was it was pretty much run by the kids. There were some staff, but most of it was managed by the other kids who had been there for a while. They were brainwashed into following the system in hopes of moving up the ranks to have more privileges.

Kids were not able to leave until they became legal adults. They were rarely even allowed to call home to their parents and when they were, the calls were strictly monitored and if they even started to say anything negative about the school or try to explain what was actually happening to them, the phone line would be disconnected immediately and of course they would be punished.

If you would like to know more about what it was like for kids at this school, I recommend checking out Joe's story where he gives a first hand account of everything that happened to him. As of right now the story has 38 parts and is still going with a new chapter about every 2 weeks.

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