Friday, December 6, 2019

Philips Philishave S3552/89 Heritage Edition Review

I have been using Philips Norelco electric shavers for about 2 decades now. I started with an old plug in style. Then had the cordless 6613x, followed by my most recent PT730 shaver. While the PT730 is still working good, I noticed the blades were not cutting as efficiently as they used to.

Philips does recommend replacing the shaving heads about every 12 months. I'll admit, I have been using the same heads for a lot longer than that, but the replacements are so expensive! It's about $30 for the replacement blades, but you can get a whole new electronic razor with the blades for the same price!

Since it didn't really make sense to buy the replacement blades when you can get a brand new one for the same price, I decided to get the new razor. After doing a little research I landed on the Philips Philishave Heritage edition, model number S3552/89. It is available at Target and Bestbuy for $30.

Compared to my last Philips Norelco, this one is almost exactly the same in terms of construction and shape. The rubber grip is a little different. Also it has different heads, the ComfortCut blades. The main difference between my old one and this new one is the battery charge/life. On the old razor you had to charge it 8 hours for 45 minutes of use. On the Philishave, you only have to charge it 1 hour and it goes for 1 hour of use.

It seems they have really been making advancements in the batteries over the years. I compared it to my old Norelco 6613x and that one had to charge 16 hours for just 30 minutes of use!

One interesting thing I noticed about this Philishave Heritage Edition is the color. In the pictures online and even the official picture on the box, it has kind of like a pale green/grey color, but in real life, the color is more of a blue. I'm not sure why they did not get the color right for the photos. The picture above is one I took of the razor, and you can see how it is more of a blue color.

As far as the shaving goes, it definitely seems like the blades are sharper compared to my old razor, but they should be considering they are new vs the old one which has blades that are several years old. The sound of the motor is a bit more high pitched and possibly a little louder than my previous model, but still not too loud. Overall the cut performance is as expected and gets the job done.

For the accessories, it comes with the charger and a soft case, but no brush. I thought this was odd because previous models came with cleaning brushes. I guess they want you to rinse this one to clean it, but I always prefer to use the brush to clean it instead of getting it wet.

Overall for $30 I am very pleased with the Philips Philishave electric razor. The performance is good, and the battery is excellent for this price. If you are a fan of the Norelco 3 blade rotary style shavers or if you are new to this style, I would recommend the Philishave.


  1. Can u tell me does 3552/89 works without charging. I mean plugged in use.

    1. I think so, but if you plug it in, it will be charging. It charges very fast and then it lasts a long time.