Friday, May 15, 2020

Subwoofers Should Be Banned – Loud Music Imposing On Other People

One thing that really bothers me is when people blast music with subwoofers when they are near or around other people. Examples of this could be someone living in an apartment building playing their music loud when they have neighbors right near by or it could be someone in a car with subwoofers that is playing their music loud when they are next to other cars or in a residential area.

The thing about subwoofers is they create a low frequency of noise that carries easily and is hard to block out. This is why you can often hear the thumping of someone's subwoofer when you can't hear the rest of the music. Even with ear plugs or ear protection it can be hard to block the bass from subwoofers.

For the person listening to the music it sounds good because they want to hear it and it goes with their music, but for everyone else that does not want to listen to their music, it is nothing but an annoyance. Having some random subwoofer thumping can be very bothersome and even stressful when you are just trying to live your life with some peace and quiet. It can even be a problem if you are trying to listen to something else such as your own tv or music.

This is why I think there should be a ban or at least some restriction on subwoofers. People should not have to be subjected to the music of other people especially when they are in their own home. Blasting loud music with a subwoofer around other people is incredibly inconsiderate. The only times I would say it is ok to play loud music with a subwoofer would be in a concert setting or in a location that is far enough away from others or insulated enough so that is does not bother other people.

At this point it would be pretty hard to ban subwoofers altogether, but I think there could definitely be more strict laws in regards to them. Maybe something like subwoofers are not to be used in a location when they impose on other people. Or maybe a limit on the decibel level of retail subwoofers that are sold to the public.

I know there are laws about disturbing the peace but I can image this kind of thing is low on the priority list for law enforcement when there are other more serious issues going on. Nonetheless I think there needs to be more regulation when it comes to loud music and subwoofers that impose on other people.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Are you bothered by subwoofers or should people be able to play their music as loud as they want? Feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Subwoofers, resonator exhausts, most high-rpm motorcycle exhausts, most of the lawn equipment used for maintaining the imported hybridized Scottish turf people feel obligated to grow around their house are all examples of useless evil shit.
    Any person should be empowered, and all public servants charged with the duty of accessing any vehicle or property containing one of these devices, and jamming an ice pick repeatedly or hammering the device to a point of inoperability.
    Any government that does not enforce this should be considered illegitimate.
    Your rights to create havoc end where my rights begin.

    1. And BTW A Subwoofer when made right and used right is a wonderful device that enhances and bring richness and fullness to music.

  2. Our society is descending into chaos in all areas and this is a prime example of the decline. Many young people today have no respect or consideration for others because they were never taught by their parents. It is a condition of a self centered "ME" generation that thinks only about itself and no one else, so disturbing the peace with these loud and disruptive subwoofers is only indicative of the kind of people that they are, careless and inconsiderate for anyone but themselves.

    1. Even responsible owners of subwoofers who are considerate who do not disturb should have their shit confiscated right ? Wrong. I could see confiscating people's shit who make an annoyance.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. It is pretty much impossible to mask or block out these low frequency sounds. I've had recurring problems with neighbors who sit in their cars after 10 PM, and wake me up on work nights, resulting in having to try to be productive at work on 4 hours or less of sleep.

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